Dr. Filipe de Castro Soeiro

Prof. Dr. phil., Ph.D., M.Sc., M.B.A.
Higher Education and Innovation international senior executive leader and administrator, professor and researcher
University of Applied Sciences Europe

Co-Chair Advisory Board – Prof. Dr. phil. Dipl. Filipe de Castro Soeiro, Ph.D., M.Sc., M.B.A. Higher Education and Innovation international senior executive leader and administrator, professor and researcher

Professor Dr. Filipe de Castro Soeiro is a senior international multidisciplinary academic, administrator and executive leader with 25+ years of experience in growth and innovation strategies who is market driven and oriented to disruptive and sustainable societal change impacts. He is an avid learner, holding five degrees and three executive post-graduation programs in different fields. His applied research studies intersect the policy making and the technology innovation management areas, including a comparative research study of the entrepreneurship and the role of the state in Portugal and the European context, artificial neural networks applied to regional innovation systems in Europe, and the nexus-causality effect of digital technologies in higher education disruptive role within regional innovation systems of knowledge-based economies and data science.

He is currently the Head of Digital Business and Data Science, overviewing the multi-campus programme coordination in Berlin, Iserlohn and Hamburg, as well as the Programme Director in Digital Business and Data Science (Berlin campus) at the University of Applied Sciences Europe, a role that he started in 2018, in Berlin.

In 2019, he chaired the international XPOMET conference sessions in Berlin, Germany, in the field of Prototyping Innovations in Universities, and in the field of Policy Making and Aligning to UN Sustainable Goals, and he is also appointed visiting researcher and full professorship in Shanghai Polytechnic University, Shanghai, China, focusing on the Society 5.0, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence areas and the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

Between 2015 and 2017 he was the Regional European Director for Innovation & Academic Management (Digital, Design and Development Strategy) at the University of Europe Laureate Digital, Laureate International Universities, leading and executing the innovation strategy, the academic governance, the academic development and the online programs portfolio, while working with the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Cyprus and Turkey markets.

In 2014, he was invited as keynote at the OECD headquarters, in Paris, by the Head of the Regional Development Division on his research focused on Regional Innovation Systems, and growth, innovation and competitiveness policymaking, by using by Artificial Neural Networks methods.

He is innovator, entrepreneur, professor and researcher with deep understanding of non-profit and for-profit higher education, education technology and executive training, and senior executive in multiple technology, industry, market and business life cycles. He is expert in digitization strategy, higher education, policy making and economics, innovation, design thinking, technology monitoring, digital business, e-commerce, digital marketing, digital transformation, smart cities, sustainability, applied chemistry and regional innovation systems applied to several fields in the context of society 5.0. He is well experienced in leading innovation, transformation and growth in higher education, institutional and business organizations in Europe, China and U.S.

He has a senior profile and experience in developing business and academic governance models, in setting and managing innovative business models, in leading, motivating and developing business / academic teams, as well as in developing innovative forms of fundraising.

He has been driven successful navigation in complex and thriving HE institutions (Financial Times ranking) and corporate business ecosystems (Fortune 500) in leading boards in multiple executive and adviser roles. He has been leading and managing multi-business university units and multi-programme lines of business, as well as the design and development of campus, blended and online teaching & learning technologies and methodologies, academic development, academic and student affairs, accreditation, applied research, internationalization and corporate industry linkage.

Filipe is Co-Chair of the Advisory Board of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB.

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