HEALTH CAPTAIN Julia Finkeissen

Medical Knowledge Platform, Philanthropy Expert & Art Management
VIOVENTI & medrapid
Julia is truly passionate about art and health. She is a curator of private collections and a dedicated collector of pieces by contemporary young artists whom she also advises via her company Vioventi Art.
Most recently, Julia was awarded a research professorship in digitalization of fine arts where she focuses on quantitative methods to value art pieces. After founding her startups in health care and real estate located in Germany and Austria, she focuses now on consulting trusts and foundations with a strong focus on health care, art and real estate businesses.
Furthermore, Julia holds various positions related to community and social impact projects. Amongst others, she is managing partner of the SeeSalon Stiftung GmbH and Deputy Chairwoman of the Bavarian Economic Advisory Council for the Munich district. 
Her vast experience and proven ability to spot extraordinarily successful outliers within the foundational space early on, make her the perfect member of The Health Captains Club Board of Experts.
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