Our members, speakers and guests demonstrate their respect to our “Health Captains” Tradition and our History Sources on Föhr Island (Captain Schools) and Kos Island (Medical Schools of Hippocrates) by wearing appropriate apparel when on site. In our appearance we try always to indicate our respect for patients, “concerned citizens” and the acting professionals in medicine and science.

We request that gentlemen don a “captain jacket” and tie in club colors when visiting THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB for special Lunch and Dinner Events with this specific Dresscode indication, while ladies are warmly welcomed in corresponding attire. These rules also apply in more relaxed business casual dress code with casual jacket during the participation of our Think-Tanks, Conferences, Brainpools etc. too . For some exclusive events we ask you to dress formally (e.g. Award Ceremonies, Benefiz Dinners). In such cases, dress codes are specified well in advance on our invitations. Our Social Events with family, friends and colleagues coming together, where more casual clothing is accepted, represent the only exceptions. Please ensure you inform any guests you might be bringing about these requirements.

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