You are welcome on Board to engage as Member.

Since our start triggered by the COVID19-Outbreak in 2020 we on-boarded >150 Members:

With the COVID19-Outbreak in 2020 we started THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB to take immediately action together as leaders and concerned citizens to scale creative minds and leadership for HEALTH 4.0: You are welcome on Board - we support your informal On-Boarding process by classic Admission Form in Person.

We will on-board you and support your engagement:

1. Order Admission Form per Email at President`s Office

2. Fill out and scan your Admission Form

3. Send it back per Email

4. We support your on-boarding with a zoom-meeting to welcome you and giving you our patronage-signature on your admission form

5. We will send you the confirmation of your membership and you will receive your membership badge in the mail in order to gain access to all club events.

6. Welcome on Board as new Member - we integrate you into CORE-Teams, THINK-TANK´s and a Twin-Chapter based on your location, passions and interests for sustainable Medicine 4.0 and One Health

7. We send you updates and invitations to our Events and the Events of our Alliance-Partners

8. All your input is always welcome and appreciated

In the meantime, we are working on developing a comfortable, secure and lean online admission process. We founders are not technicians and are currently collecting the necessary budget for this. Each new member helps to support THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB transformation into a fully professional international non-for-profit leadership platform for sustainable Health & One Health. So please be patient with us when we are still in the middle of our platform digitization process and our online platform development. If you enjoy accelerating this development: Your donation is very much welcome. Thank you.

Meanwhile you can also use our first version of online-admission into the Club as Member - it is not yet comfortable, but it is functioning:

Leadership begins with you as a Member of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB:

„What are my membership-benefits?“„How does the Onboarding Process work?“„How can I give input as member and be involved?“"Will I get access to THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE and INSTITUTE?" „How can I bring some more of my network and community into the Club“

Membership Benefits

(Executive Summary)

Network Access

As Member of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB you get access to our multi-professional, multi- sectoral and mulit-stakeholder „silo-free“ membership-platform following the „Social Brain Hypothesis“ and „Tipping-Point Strategy“

Alliance and Ecosystem Builder

Be part of our Mission to built an sustainable Alliance-System for HEALTH 4.0


Get access to „On Invitation Only“-Events of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Core-Teams (5) Think-Tanks (15), Brainpools (50) with member access to THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE and THE HEALTH CAPTAINS INSTITUTE. Finally get direct access to our Alliance Partner Events - check and

Mentoring & Coaching

A large number of renowned multi-professional experts and transdisciplinary leaders from the health & care sector are accessable for personal mentoring and coaching as a member of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB. Get in touch with your role models!

Speakers Office

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS Platform gives speakers additional visibility, we greatly depend on and value the relationships we have with our amazing alliance- and network-partners. THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB supports giving HEALTH 4.0 a sustainable voice by recommending Speakers.

With THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Membership you will benefit from the following points:

Network and Social capital
Benchmarking and Forecasting tools
Networking Events and onsite presentations
Think-Tank and Brainpools’ best practices
Educational workshops and Webconferences
Online Resources

4 Onboarding-Steps towards MEDICINALE.Club

Online Membership Application

You complete the online membership application on our website.
Start Your Application

We contact you

We bring you in contact with two members being your guarantor by co-signing your application to make your on-boarding personal and to give you direct access to our club- network.

The Bureau decides

The Bureau decides once a week on the admission of new members.

Welcome on Board!

You will receive a membership- confirmation as well as invitations to Slack, GoogleDrive and our president`s office to connect you with other members.


We are currently >125 members (January 2021) before opening our platform online with online application. We receive without any marketing before going online about >15 new membership applications every month. 

We will be >1.000 members from Europe and beyond. THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB is not limited to a certain number of members.

Networking Sustainability is guaranteed: 150 Members (Dunbar-Number) are joining a Club-CHAPTER by free choice:

The Chapters will be always Hybrid Clusters out of Locations and the multi-professional, multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder Spectrums inside the multi-lingual Membership.

The official Club Language is the international Language of Medicine and Science: English.

Inside your local Club Chapter you will of course also communicate in your national and local languages in parallel.

All online-communictaion of the MEDICINALE.Club is in English. Only by shareing or retweeting social media posts it will happen that we will not translate

The MEDICINALE.Club is honring and inviting all specialisations for HEALTH 4.0 to be part of our membership-network – in addition we are welcoming Concerned Citizens and Scientific Citizens, because „HEALTH IS A RESPONISIBILITY OF THE ENTIRE SOCIETY“ – every new member is of great support towards HEALTH 4.0:

„The Transformation of Medicine & Care, Health Sciences and the Health Industry towards „value-based Healthcare“ is based by the „SuperConvergence“ of Innovations – the MEDICINALE.Club is building the multi-professional, multi-sectoral and multi- stakeholder „silo-free“ membership-platform to synchronize medicine, care, science, technology, industry, politics, culture, ethics, national economics and society to create the value-based framework and network for HEALTH 4.0 together – MEDICINALE.Club is opening the horizon by „scaling“ smart and creative minds to act together.“

„from bench to bedside and bedside to bench and civil society“

We invite all fields of science, medicine and care to interact transdisciplinary together to accelerate the „SuperConvergence“ by powerful and value-based innovations in so many new fields you find in „The Club Overview“.

  • Care Professionals
  • M.D.`s
  • PhD ́s
  • Medicine
  • Pharma
  • BioTech
  • MedTech
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecularbiology
  • Biomathematics
  • Physics and Mathemathics
  • Informatics
  • Data Ethics
  • Medical Ethics
  • Medical Law
  • Auditing, Consulting
  • National Economics
  • Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and therapeutic sciences
  • Health Economics and Management, Medical management
  • Public Health and Health science
  • Health and medical informatics
  • Political Science
  • Communication science
  • Sports Science, Sports Education, Sports Economics
  • Nutritional science, Ecotrophology

The Club has a multi-generational structure from Student to PhD to Assistant to Professor to Chief Medical Officer to Minister and from Young Health Sciences Business Professional to Start-Up-Founder to Manager towards CEO, Investor and Nobel Laureate in Medicine – though our membership is not about your age – it is about the innovative and vibrant spirit of ALL OF US for an sustainable future of science, medicine & care towards HEALTH 4.0

YES. We appreciate applications from Students and Young Professionals to access our Mentoring and Knowledge Network. You can be young but in your mind you are a future-leader and with some mentoring you can make it. MEDICINALE.Club Members, the Club-Network and Club-Alliance will support you.

From Europe and beyond. Members should share our Vision & Mission, Code of Conduct, Governance, Etiquette and Netiquette. In this framework of our common European Values are no limitations for a Membership.

You are completely free.

There are no attendance requirements.

You only follow your own capacities and interests.

Your Input is welcome.

Each member is completely free in their club engagement.

As an active member, we recommend participating in some digital meetings and think- tank and conference events within the framework of your own capacities and interests.

Your are welcome to actively contributing to our network for HEALTH 4.0 as a board member, ambassador or ecosystem-builder within the alliance.

You are welcome as speaker or chairperson inside panels, think-tanks etc. Inside the Club and we can promote you inside our partner conference and education network.

You are welcome to run your own Think-Tank, Brainpool or Symposia on the Club- Platform. In respect to the Social Brain Hypothesis (LINK) to generate sustainable results think-tanks and brainpools are limited to 15 partizipants. The symposia are limited to 50-150 partizipants.

Members get access to the Member Directory and decide independendly which communication chanel they will use. Any commercial use of the member directory is prohibited and leads to immediate exclusion from the club. 

For the general Club communication we use the free app Slack and occasionally use an email distributor. For teamwork and online Think-Tanks, we make regular phone calls or use MS Teams and use a shared GoogleDrive. We use Mircosoft 365 for Club Projects, White Paper Processes and Publications. The Membership and Donors Administration is organized with the „DGSVO-Conform“ (German Dataprotection Law Conform) System Fundraising Box.

No, we are non-partisan, independent and do not represent positions. The association lives from the diversity of opinions and interests of its individual members and primarily serves as a network and alliance-system for it ́s members and partners. The MEDICINALE.Club follows a transparent value-based and patient-centric Vision & Mission (LINK) and all Club Actionplans are based on the Club Constitution (LINK). All independent Action of the Club, the Club`s Networking, the Club`s Alliance is Not-for-Profit. You find all further informations structured via the Navigation Menue of our Homepage.

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Online Membership Application

“As a circle of professionals and supporters from civil society, the association is establishing a comprehensive “silo-free” platform for leadership, innovation and knowledge for the benefit of patients for THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Network and Alliance Platform and SÜNJHAID The Health Captains on Föhr Island and Kos Island, among others. The activities of the non-profit association are based on the “6th Kondratieff Cycle” and thus focus on “Health in the holistic sense” – physical, mental, spiritual, ecological and social – and on the necessary sustainable leadership role of the “Health Captains” and therefore makes it its task to make sustainable innovations and knowledge for medicine, nursing, health sciences and the health industry transparent on its comprehensive platform for the “Navigation of Medicine 4.0” to the benefit of patients. In doing so, the association follows two historical role models, which have successfully passed on knowledge as leadership institutions over generations free of charge: This is the tradition of the Captain’s Schools on Föhr Island and the traditional Medical School of Hippocrates on Kos Island.

– The Presidency of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB –

Please note two references (only from members) – we support your sustainable onboarding: Please contact us via E-mail ( or Phone if you need assistance to connect you with two Members as your Guarantors to integrate you and welcome you in our Club-Network during the On-Boarding-Process to start your Membership now:
Please note two references (only from members) – we support your sustainable onboarding: Please contact us via E-mail ( or Phone if you need assistance to connect you with two Members as your Guarantors to integrate you and welcome you in our Club-Network during the On-Boarding-Process to start your Membership now:
Brainpools are limited to 50 Participants; Think-Tanks are limited to 15 Participants (Dunbar-Numbers)
Additional Informations
Additional Informations
Additional Informations
You are welcome – we will support your and your collegues & friends on-boarding as members. As Club Member you can always be the guarantor for new members.
Payment Information
Payment Information
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THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB managed by RUENJHAID.ORG collects, uses and processes the personal data collected exclusively within the framework of the data protection regulations for processing the non-for-profit business purpose.
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